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4 Benefits of Agile Product Development in the Medical Device Industry

Agile is an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. Each one is unique in its approach; however, they all share a common set of core values which incorporate continuous feedback, planning, testing, and integration of the project and software used to facilitate the this process. It is, simply, a way to organize information efficiently when developing a product. It can be applied to product development outside of software as well.

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UMass Lowell’s 6th Biomanufacturing Summit 2017

Cognition was excited to co-sponsor UMass Lowell’s 6th Biomanufacturing Summit 2017 with industry giants and leaders such as Merck, Pfizer, Shire, Biogen, and FDA. The event was located at the elegant University of Massachusetts Club at One Beacon Street in Boston--the views were breathtaking, some of the best in the city. President and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, Travis McCready, kicked off the event with gusto.

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GAMP® 5 and why it's Relevant

Let’s take a look at GAMP® 5.

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Multi-Day, Core Development Team Off-Site

Cognition held two strategic off-site multi-day meetings in a stunning area of Cape Cod with members of the core development and application engineering leadership teams. Whenever Cognition holds these events, we use the time to get our leadership groups to talk about what the company can do to improve business and employee satisfaction.

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Do Product Development Tools Actually Save your Company Money?

Cognition sees this question frequently in potential new customers. People approach us asking for pricing and a demonstration and say they have been looking at many tools comparing cost and effectiveness. Many people don’t realize the benefits to a product development tool until weeks, or even months, into their research. Initial price is the only aspect they examine before fully understanding the potential for overall savings and increase in productivity.

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Everyday Items and their Rigorous Product Development

When people in the STEM world imagine product development, they think about a pacemaker, a satellite, an in vitro device, and other complicated items that require attention to the utmost detail. No one thinks about the everyday items like water bottles, desk fans, or coffee mugs. Even these products require a development process. Some sort of organization and data must be kept to successfully make and produce a product. ß

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