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Helping to navigate product development and compliance for the life science industry. Our SaaS-based solutions enable customers to structure their data and automate compliance processes with built-in quality templates and automated generation of deliverables to save time and money, delivering their products to market faster with less risk.

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Mitigate the Risk of Receiving an FDA Form 483 with an Automated Solution

By: Deepesh Moolchandani
July 27th, 2020

Commonly issued after an FDA inspection, a Form 483 informs a company of observations requiring corrective actions. The Form 483 is often referred to as “Inspectional Observations” as it is a list of conditions or practices that indicate a potential violation of FDA requirements. The form is compiled in order of importance and is considered a snapshot of potential issues; it should not be considered all-encompassing.

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6 Questions to Guide Your Design Controls Documentation

By: Cognition Corporation
October 29th, 2019

Do you want to improve your design controls documentation? If so, the first step is to evaluate how your current processes and procedures are working and how effective their results are. To work through this process, there are six important questions to ask, ranging from your design outputs and risk management to the current state of your product data across multiple sites. Answering these questions thoroughly and honestly can empower greater levels of design controls compliance in your premarket submission activities.

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How to Approach Usability Engineering & Use Error Analysis

Learn how activities like Use Error Analysis can lead to more dynamic, impactful risk management.

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