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4 Benefits of Agile Product Development in the Medical Device Industry

Agile is an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. Each one is unique in its approach; however, they all share a common set of core values which incorporate continuous feedback, planning, testing, and integration of the project and software used to facilitate the this process. It is, simply, a way to organize information efficiently when developing a product. It can be applied to product development outside of software as well.

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GAMP® 5 and why it's Relevant

Let’s take a look at GAMP® 5.

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Does Management Need to be in the Office Anymore?

With the explosion of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the growing population of workers based at home, the role of “the boss” is shifting.

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3 Obstacles Hindering Innovation

Innovation is imperative in the medical device and pharmaceutical worlds. Dr. Arnold Kadish’s experiments with the first prototype of a 'pump'—worn like a backpack—that delivered glucagon as well as insulin in 1963 led Dean Kamen to invent the first wearable infusion pump only a decade later. Thanks to those innovations, Medtronic released its MiniMed Pump, the first of its kind, in the mid-90s, and in 2012, trials for the first implanted artificial pancreases in the US took place. Innovation is imperative, yet many obstacles appear in its way:

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3 Difficulties in Design Controls

  1. Human Factors

Human error, presumably, is the most common cause for failure. Either the user failed to implement a device correctly, or the company producing the product failed to predict improper use. The goal for companies is to minimize those failures. In order to do that, they must think through the many ways devices can fail through human error and strive to design around them to produce the safest device possible.

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Fitness in the Workplace

During recent years, fitness has been a major talking point in the United States, specifically in the workplace. It has come into the public’s eye because of all the adults in the United States who are considered overweight or obese is a shocking 68.6% (Source), and with larger portions, and an actively inactive workplace representing the new normal, it isn’t as surprising as one might think (Source). Companies have even gotten in on the fun with encouragements to their employees. A company may offer discounted health insurance, bonuses, or fun prizes, all to encourage their employees continuous health. Healthy employees are happy employees. Exercise is important for everyone and it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to actually work out.

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Join Cognition at the Generis American Medical Device Summit

Hello, everyone! Once again, Cognition will be sponsoring the 2016 Generis American Medical Device Summit, October 5-6, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. Last year was great, but this year plans to be better than ever. Cognition has a brand new booth and set-up, and we will have fun games to pass the time. We will be adjacent to the Cognition Delegates Lounge. In the lounge there are soft, comfortable sofas to relax on, with a perfect view of all the action.

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Basic Medical Device Commercialization

Medical devices are everywhere. Millions of people worldwide are affected by them whether it’s a heart valve implant, or hip replacement, or health tracking cardio watch they are everywhere. This year alone the wearable smart/health tech industry alone grew astronomical amounts and by 2020 the quantity of wearable health devices worldwide is predicted to be close to 600 million devices. (Source) The world is becoming a more aware, connected, and healthier place every day and medical devices are possibly the largest contributor.

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