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Why is The Mahola Project Going to Benefit the Country? Part 4 of 4

To reiterate, “The project wants to address the main needs of the population in this region of the world. The primary goals are to create a comprehensive local health care system with resources such as health centers, ambulance services, professional medical training for nurses and midwives, and training and equipping for first aid workers. In addition, the project wants to assist with clean drinking water, solar energy, waste disposal and recycling for the village, and scholarships for primary and secondary education (including for disabled children). The overall goal is to improve the average life expectancy. Help us to develop the local health care system” - The Mahola Project

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What Engineering Tasks does The Mahola Project encounter? Part 3 of 4

In an interview Kossmann states, “Currently, (Nov 2016) we are in the final months of the detailed design phase. The sign-off of the project documents, in particular the Mahola Governance Plan and Mahola Building Instructions by the locally elected Steering Committee, is planned for April 2017. This will be followed by the Implementation and Integration phase of the project

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Epinephrine Auto-Injectors, What a mess!

With events like big price hikes and major recalls, the recent industry news for epinephrine auto-injectors is messy. Although only so much is possible while dealing with the politics of the industry, some of these issues could potentially be alleviated in the early stages of development when prices could be reduced and recalls prevented more easily. Otherwise, the consequences can be harsh.

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