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Quality or Carelessness?

“It typically takes 20 to 40 years or more for scientific discoveries to trickle down to benefit human lives in a meaningful way… This is unacceptable.” - Sandra Bond Chapman, founder and director of the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas  

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The E-Doctor: Your New Personal Doctor

On the weekends I often listen to a popular NPR show called Wait Wait. . .Don’t Tell Me! Those of you familiar with the show know at the end the panelists offer a one line statement about what odd thing will come true before next week’s show. Here’s mine:

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Telemedicine - The Future of Medicine?

The future of better healthcare is always right around the corner. Telemedicine is the next huge step towards longer, healthier lives. The world is witnessing the beginnings of it now with things like step trackers and devices measuring activity, heart rate, and food consumption. All of these devices are being connected to phones and computers allowing patients and doctors easy access to important vitals. Telemedicine will not only improve people's lives, but will also make hospitals less crowded and give healthcare to patients that normally would not have regular access.

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Medical Device Tax Suspension - Blessing or Curse?

In 2013 as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a Medical Device excise tax was instituted which levied 2.3% of the total revenue for all medical devices sold within the United States. This was of course great for the economy, bringing in billions of tax dollars. The downside was medical device companies losing 2.3% of their profit in the U.S. (not globally). Medical Device companies distressed over the tax claiming their money could have been used for better research, employees and product development. If companies didn’t have this tax, a full-year EPS could have been, for example $0.10 higher. That’s not much overall, but when referencing Wall Street every penny counts in assessing a company’s performance and overall value.

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The Impact of Smartphones as Medical Devices

While a smartphone can process data, it will never replace an actual medical device, right? Maybe, but then again, maybe not. The medical devices I’m referring to are those which require FDA approval to go to market. There may be a great app out there that allows you to monitor your own heart rhythms, or perhaps it can analyze an image you just snapped.

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Retail Post: There is both an "I" and "me" in Team - Working Together in Medical Device Development

There is both an "I" and "me" in Team

Even so, you still need to work with others

People use the "team" to avoid having the "I" and "me" land on themselves. That is the common belief. People claim this old-fashioned selflessness and no need for independence of each party of a team to make it "better." That is wrong. The person who says this only wants to avoid more tasks being placed on their plate. A team is comprised of individuals. Each individual brings something unique to the table, thus creating a successful unit.

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Retail Series: Stop Overthinking!

One of the most prominent things I have noticed since starting my career in this industry is that people over think everything they can. It's an unintentional sport; who can make something the  most complex while getting the same result? More often than not, these people don't even realize what they are doing or that everything coming out of their mouths is going over everyone else's heads. They are so far in the trees it takes teams of people (or common sense) to pull them out.
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Intro: Things the Medical Device Industry Could Learn from Retail

Hello! My name is Michael Lowe, I am the Administrator of Business Development at Cognition. I started working within the Medical Device industry in October of 2014. The prior decade was filled with cleaning toilets, slinging food, folding clothes, and filling shelves in the not-so-magical world of retail. I filled my brain with the useless jargon, statistics, and information about companies' history. I was witness to some unique nuances performed by the public that you tend to notice when on the other side of the cash register. It was quite the experience.

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