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Annual Cognition Clam Bake 2017

Every summer, Cognition Corporation holds its annual company clambake. We invite our employees, families, and friends to join us for this spectacular weekend excursion held in Cape Cod. A big thank you goes out for the hard work our staff does throughout the year; without all that work, none of what Cognition does would be possible. This year, we saw our attendance grow, with nearly 100 people, including new crew members from Indiana

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The Implications of WannaCry on Medical Devices: How Interconnected Devices Can Exacerbate Cyber Attacks

Ransomware can be frightening. It holds all the data in a device hostage until the victim pays a sum of money, and even then, there is no guarantee the data will return. To be more specific, ransomware takes advantage of a security flaw and locks the user out until said ransom is paid. Initially, over 200,000 victims were affected by the recent WannaCry attack worldwide, which exploited a flaw in Microsoft Windows 7 and demanded a ransom in Bitcoin. Worryingly, WannaCry infiltrated the computer systems of London hospitals. WannaCry even took its first medical device hostages in the US during the major attack. This is the heart of things: connected medical devices, on these networks, can expose them to risk if they're not well protected.

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4 Benefits of Agile Product Development in the Medical Device Industry

Agile is an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. Each one is unique in its approach; however, they all share a common set of core values which incorporate continuous feedback, planning, testing, and integration of the project and software used to facilitate the this process. It is, simply, a way to organize information efficiently when developing a product. It can be applied to product development outside of software as well.

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Sean Berube's Internship Overview

This week, we say goodbye to our latest Marketing intern, Sean Berube. He is in his final year at UMass Lowell, working towards his bachelor’s degree in English with minors in computer science and mathematics. On the side, Sean is a singer/songwriter, currently working on his latest song, “Royalties,” and hopes his future endeavors will allow him to explore music more. Sean wants to pursue a career in business, similar to what he experienced here at Cognition. He helped us write a good handful of blog and article material in his time here and we hope he will be coming back sometime to work with us again! We sat down to reflect with Sean about his time here with Cognition, figuring out what he learned and enjoyed.

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UMass Lowell’s 6th Biomanufacturing Summit 2017

Cognition was excited to co-sponsor UMass Lowell’s 6th Biomanufacturing Summit 2017 with industry giants and leaders such as Merck, Pfizer, Shire, Biogen, and FDA. The event was located at the elegant University of Massachusetts Club at One Beacon Street in Boston--the views were breathtaking, some of the best in the city. President and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, Travis McCready, kicked off the event with gusto.

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Behind the Scenes: Cognition's User Conference 2017

The tables are set, the equipment is arranged, the giveaways (which are secret!) are packed into bags, the music is chosen, and the attendees are registered: we are ready for Cognition’s User Conference (UC) 2017!

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Northeastern University, REV, and Cognition Corporation

Anyone who wants to grow as a person welcomes tips for success. The Resource for Engineering Ventures, or REV as it is known, is an organization out of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Undergraduate and graduate students run the organization, and it is funded by the university. This past February they held an event in association with the Michael J. and Ann Sherman Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship Education at the brand-new Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex, which officially opens in April 2017. Its purpose was to give a chance for students and recent grads who are doing startups to be mentored by business leaders, instead of just focusing on studies. Students, faculty, and business leaders were all mingling and learning. It was quite the experience.

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Cognition's Remote Training: The Facts

Twice a year, Cognition holds training classes for the Cockpit Platform. Currently, there are two classes: the Lead User Training class for newer users and the Advanced User Training class for more seasoned admins. The most recent classes had remote students; this presented some new challenges.

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A Thrilling Way to Spend the Day: Cognition Style

The party started Friday, July 22, the annual preparation day for Cognition Corporation’s Company Clambake. Many people gathered at CEO David Cronin’s house in Cataumet, Massachusetts to help set up for the following day’s get-together. The efficiency of our teamwork in the workplace rubbed off on our set up plans for Saturday. We split up into groups to help achieve our goals faster. Some were assigned to set up the tent, table, and chairs where we would eat the next day. Others drove down to the beach and collected a specific species of rockweed, the Fucus vesiculosus, which would be heated up in the Wampanoag style sand pit to cook the food the following day. Building the Wampanoag pit was the most important task completed Friday. When the Native Americans were still thriving in Cape Cod, pre-colonization, the Wampanoags created a new way to honor the Medicine Circle and their Gods. The indigenous people would dig a hole in the forest, and then line it with rocks to symbolize the Medicine Circle, or the Circle of Life. They proceeded to collect various seafood from the shallow waters, including, but not limited to, quahogs, mussels, clams, lobsters, crabs, and small bait fish.

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