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Annual Cognition Clam Bake 2017

Every summer, Cognition Corporation holds its annual company clambake. We invite our employees, families, and friends to join us for this spectacular weekend excursion held in Cape Cod. A big thank you goes out for the hard work our staff does throughout the year; without all that work, none of what Cognition does would be possible. This year, we saw our attendance grow, with nearly 100 people, including new crew members from Indiana

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Cognition Clambake 2014

We had our annual Cognition Clambake at the CEO David Cronin’s Cape Cod house on Cataumetthe weekend of July 11-13. It was a traditional Wampanoag inspired in ground clambake and everyone participated in its construction and the cooking. We even had an aerial visit from the Coastguard to check up on us! The setup of a traditional clambake is a ten-step process.

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Cognition Corporation Annual Clambake

On Saturday August 17, Cognition held its annual clambake. Clambakes have been around for thousands of years and are an important part of New England culture. It took place on Cape Cod, the eastern coast of Massachusetts.  Many of the employees and their families came down to a house in Cataumet for the day. There was a hole in the beach below the house that was filled with wood, rocks, seaweed, and a heat resistant tarp to cover it. It was an interesting process setting up the fire and cooking the corn, lobster, clams, and other seafood in the pit. Nearly everyone played a role in setting up the pit, and those who didn’t were busy setting tables or cooking other food. Some people found the time to try paddle boarding, others kayaked around Bassetts Island. The weather remained consistently nice all day and into the night. Dinner was not until around eight because the tide was coming in too close so we had to wait to start the fire. But this did not douse our spirits as we enjoyed our time preparing and relaxing. When the steamed lobsters were ready everyone got one and enjoyed it. No sand managed to get into the food. As the night went on and the Tiki torches burned people began to feel full from all of the great seafood and the snacking that got them to dinner. Some people drove home that night while others remained overnight and drove home in the morning. The event went off without a hitch!

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